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When think to purchase a briqueting plant you will have many questions regarding briquette, manufacturing technology, basic sources etc. The brochure linked with button gives the basic information all about, click below button and get information. If you want to know more than please use our website to find more information or send us an email for details about our manufactured products.

Briquette Plants Equipment 
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We “Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools” are proudly creating another step of making the world class forms of briquetting plants in India. With the new innovations, excellent efficiency and outstanding working skill we are stepped in to manufacture the wide sort of briquetting equipments to fulfill the various requirements of our valuable consumers. Our victorious team is sincerely engaged to manufacture the machines that convert the unwanted bio-wastes into resourceful bio coal fuel. We used to make them in a diverse specifications and models. Our well established forms of briquettes plants produce the high range and qualitative briquetting fuel. We were widely connected to supply our products in all over industrial sectors of India not only in the domestic market but also variedly exporting our products to various foreign countries.

As our recently & ingeniously established “J.K. Briquetting Press” is distributing the well emerged set of briquetting plants this leads us to the rapid growth in this field within the short period. In another way, we are willingly engaged to make the most useful element from the unwanted wastage materials. This makes us more encouragement to produce the well furnished forms of briquetting machine in India. This is the new method of environment protection and also it controls the maximum level of environment pollution. Bio briquette is the kind of wealth from waste so; this is considered to be one of the pleasures to our mankind that we are getting precious resources with the inexpensive price.

As the requirement of this bio coal is gradually getting increasing with the change in taste of the consumers so, the demand for this product is also raised very highly in the market, to fulfill this wide requirement we are manufacturing the bulk quantities of briquetting plants in our esteemed production unit. The main reason for the drastic demand for this product is raised due to its renewable nature, eco friendly, pollution controlling aid and the last but not the least one is easy on the pocket to purchase.

Our company is having one of the best quality control team from all over the companies in Ahmedabad. They have been sincerely engaged to make sure that the briquetting plants were ready to dispatch with the perfect and the standard quality. With the various types of the quality checking parameters they used to verify them without any mistakes. This gives the great assurance to our consumer’s for selecting our product without any hesitation.



Briquetting plant is capability to renovate the entire forms of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste into briquetting fuel. These are created in cylindrical wood by means of elevated motorized force devoid of the use of chemical or binder. Briquetting plant manufacturing is considered to be the good number of gainful production to build high ranges of briquettes in India. The route of converting squat solidity residues and wastage into biodegradable and power conservative bio fuel briquettes is called biomass briquetting. This plant installation is with the opinion of binder-less technique for briquetting manufacturing. It moderately provokes the high temperature and strain, which sources the obvious stirring in the raw-material to liquefy and itself acts as an admirable binding resource.

We manufacture far above the ground fabrication aptitude briquetting machines that are sturdy in configuration and have accessible in use structure. This equipment needs reduced amount of supervisors and its method is effortlessly explicable by any person. The high tensile potency of this product enables it last for a long time and provides the desired amount of output as well.


Biomass briquetting plant is planned to attain the worldwide management in submission worth further soaring quality solutions to our consumers in appropriate consumption of the biomass waste. This biomass briquetting machine is specially designed as per the environmental green expertise so as to reunions the waste in to the helpful energy fuel. The Biomass Briquetting Plant is the commercial developed know-how for saving our universal ecological energy wealth. As bio fuel briquettes which are also known as agro-waste briquettes and it is easily known as the energy fuel. Due to vast growth in use of this biomass briquetting the fossils fuels and other wood resources are getting down because this was more efficient by every possible ways instead of other artificial and non renewable fuels we can use this biomass briquettes in a wide scope. By using this biomass briquettes protect our natural resources and also, the ash free burning of white coal briquettes is helpful to preserve environment from the pollution and global warming.

We are the famous Biomass Briquetting Machine Exporter in India and our products are manufactured under the severe direction of knowledgeable experts with facilitate of technical Machines. Briquetting Machines are available in the various enormity factors.


Our modern forms of industrial briquetting machines called Jumbo Briquetting Machine used to build towering solidity fuel briquettes from the movable biomass waste only with high pressure. This jumbo briquette machine provides high recital exclusive of constraint of any necessary materials. The huge quantity production of the biomass briquettes with less cost is the newest feature of the jumbo briquetting machines. This machine is specially designed by our engineers for huge production of briquettes. As compared to other machine jumbo briquetting plant is only talented to pound every type of squander in functioning structure with low charge of power.

This machine gives the flawless performance with the maximum output; due to this many of our consumers are widely selecting our machines. Our all customers can get this high performing Jumbo briquetting machine from us at their affordable prices.


We are the leading organizations of our field that are immensely concerned in contribution of Agro Briquetting Plant System in India. Under the management of our exceedingly hard-working professionals, accessible contraption is contrived by via of qualitative metallic and non-metallic components, sourced from the entrenched vendors. Due to its high competence, obtainable mechanism is widely used for producing biodegradable briquettes within least process cost. To suit to the different requirements of our patrons, we offer this Agro Briquettes Product in diverse models and construction capacities. We are also exporters of this agro Briquetting machines because our best product range comprising of high quality material and huge aptitude for revolving waste into finest energy. We also supply briquetting press as per our esteemed consumer’s requirements and as per the specifications they want to briquette.

We are providing finest solution as Agro Briquetting Press to renovate your agriculture waste or forestry waste into high energetic briquettes. Demand of this machine is very high because it has high production capacity power to make efficient bio fuel which is used in various industries like rubber industry, leather industry, ceramic mills, and textile industry and so on. As well as it is useful for household for heating and cooking purposes.


We have been preparing to the most recent marketplace demands by manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Fuel Briquette Machine in various cities of India. It is manufactured by our industrious professionals by means of qualitative clanging and non-metallic workings. Accessible machine is utilized for producing briquettes using agro waste requiring least operation cost. Our machine is uncomplicated to set up and valued widely for its tough construction, extended practical life and lofty competence. We regularly check our Fuel Briquetting Machine on different quality parameters in order to ensure its precision. Briquetting is the process which converts these low density biomass into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes.

Briquettes solid fuel known as bio coal can be used by the industrial, commercial and household marital sectors. It is worn in the subsequent areas to create the power. Briquettes are extensively used for any thermal purpose where coal can be utilized i.e. steam generation in boilers, heating purpose etc. They are used as a combustible material in unit kilns, paper mills, chemical plants, distilleries, pharmaceutical units, dyeing houses, food processing units, oil mills etc. Bio coal is used as fuel for biogas creation, which have revealed extremely cheering consequences and can be used to constrain engines, generating sets and may finally reinstate coal based construct gas systems and oil dismissal in furnaces.



Briquette Press Machine is an instrument used to recycle Biomass waste into High rich Fuel Briquettes. Briquetting can be done to agricultural and Forest Waste with a maximum moisture content of 8-12%. The Biomass waste with higher wetness is desiccated and wetness is reduced up to one third part in flare Dryer and above 25-50% is in Rotary Drum dryer and is than crushed to small particles with strike mill Grinder and fed to Briquetting Press with the help of Hopper. Briquette are Extruded continuously and cut to required length with the help of Cutter. Our high performance machines feature a sturdy construction, which guarantees constant briquette-quality in continuous operation.

With the environment in intellect, our company that is committed to create the recyclable fuel. After a careful revise of the presented options for raw material, agricultural waste was included in for manufacturing cast-off bio fuel briquettes and machinery to manufacture the similar was developed. On average, agricultural waste is either destroyed or burnt, the latter causing untold pollution and health problems. But due to our great step this was stopped and due to these waste materials the new resourceful fuel is manufactured from our high tensile briquetting machineries. This innovative thought leads to us at the major success without any trouble.


We are creation briquettes from agro green waste by surroundings up renewable briquetting plant. This machine compresses and binds the resources from stalks, fine particles or granular outline to unyielding form by heating the material and using the high strength. This renewable briquetting press machine does not necessitate any exterior source for heating or generating heaviness. Engaged with a team of highly experienced professionals, we have been able to manufacture and export superior quality Renewable Briquette machine that is used for strengthening waste into best energy in boiler industry. Offered machine is checked by our quality controllers on unusual parameters in classify to make sure its rightness.

This procedure helps in turning household waste, marshland briquettes, biomass briquettes, agriculture waste and much more is converted into positive energy source. In addition, this renewable briquetting Plant is accessible in various provisions as per the necessary wants of consumers and can be straightforwardly availed from us at nominal price. Our Briquetting Machine is appropriately delivered at the site of our consumers so as to reassure their expediency.


Our bio coal briquetting machine is well suitable for the tremendous amount of production up to 1300kg/hr. Bio coal is a variety of fuel formed by dried wood materials over a fire. Biomass Briquetting is the process of converting the Low bulk density biomass into elevated compactness and power concentrated fuel briquettes. Biomass Briquetting machines are of various sizes which converts biomass into solid fuels. Our company’s briquettes are totally all set alternate of Coal or wood in built-up boiler for the various types of industrial applications. Bio coal briquetting are Non-conventional Source of energy, Renewable in nature, Ecological, non-polluting and cost-effective. The process of converting biomass to solid fuel is also non-polluting. These coal is 100% natural no artificial contents we added, this is the reason peoples are majorly selecting these product.

As we are holding a rich industrial experience in this field, we are involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of Bio coal Briquetting Machines. This Machine is comprehensively used in a range of appropriate applications. From our wide range of products, we used to offer the best quality of briquetting Machines that is usually famous among consumers all across the country.


Energy is the main source of energy to the key feature in financial development of our country. Fossil fuels which are non renewable source of energy are destructive to atmosphere. To replace these unwanted fossil fuels, our energy briquetting machines were invented to go through the greenery path. Through this we can produce biomass green energy with the minimum cost. These machines are having the high production capacity and also take the less electric power to fabricate active bio fuel. These machines are incredibly resourceful in making of these energy briquetting machines that are the majorly splendid source of energy for many industrial purpose. They are commendable substitutes for costly, scarce and highly polluting conventional fuel like coal, diesel, kerosene etc. This type of fuel is easy to store, transport & make use of because of their good bulk density & high thermal value, about 4000 Kcal/Kg in comparison to their raw material.

Energy briquetting machines are producing high tensile of briquettes with utmost production and less sweat. It is hence critical that these briquetting machines are procured from the right vendor at the best possible quality and best price. We offer different models of briquetting plant apt for production of high quality briquettes.



Numerous agricultural places across the globe organize their agricultural wastes produced in millions of tons in an incompetent method. They are occasionally and burnt causing a lot of air pollution. We manufacture high quality briquetting plant for agro for creation the finest of this agricultural devastate. It makes a kind of bio-coal that stands at top place with standard solid fuel in competence so far especially inexpensive and causes insignificant contamination. Many wastage materials can be effortlessly rehabilitated into high quality of fuel with the support of Biomass Briquetting Plant. Raw material needed for making this bio-coal is easily available in heaving quantity in all the agricultural sectors. Such agro based basic substance desirable to comprises of Palm husk, Rice Husk, Cotton Husk, Cotton Stalk, Tea waste, Soybean husk, Jute waste, Tobacco waste, Groundnut Shell, Mustard Stalk, etc.

Our briquetting plant for agro is demanded far and wide across the world market because of their quality, prospective to produce elevated superiority fuel quickly as compared to the apparatus of our competitors. They are also very affordable and durable. Briquettes are used for energy generation and helping farmers to earn money from this agriculture waste.


As an expert manufacturer of biomass pelletizing and briquetting machinery such as wood pellet machine, screw briquette machine, we are competent of presenting the major route project solution from the perfect design, equipment manufacturing, exporting to various industries. By means of years of understanding in the field of wood briquettes and pellets, we have gained prosperous knowledge in briquette and pellet machines. Utilizing a single machine for two types of wood fuel can be the deciding feature to add to your group of pellet making machines on the production line. Our wood pellets contain insignificant quantity of wetness as compared to other kinds of materials. Consequently they do not need intensive drying process. Their size as well as their chemical content generates high quality briquettes. The fuel produced is ideal for domestic purposes such as fireplace, cooking, heating water etc.

Our wood waste briskets instrument offers the stupendous routine in a exceedingly energy efficient way. We fabricate this machine employing latest system reachable. As a result they activate with sky-scraping velocity and extremely capably. This machine offers commendable productivity and requires minimum maintenance. Despite from all these favorable aspects and its good quality this machine is very reasonable in price.


Our company stands at the top place in process of making a briquette machine plant for the rice hulk. Around major numbers of wastage has been collected from the world wide sources of rice husk from many agricultural sectors. Due to these types of tremendous rice hulks has been collected so, for that we are conducted to manufacture the well designed briquette machine plant for rice hulk. This step was taken to make a use of unwanted garbage collected from the rice husks. They offer uniform and steady combustion and the ash content is also very low. The Rice husk briquette machine refers to the motorized Stamping Biomass Briquette Machine that can make main raw material rice husk and other crop straw as auxiliary materials into briquettes. The rice husk briquette machine made by from our company has excellent performance, stable productivity and easy to operate. Because it can make use of the waste rice husk, it is often supported by the Government to be energy saving and environmental friendly. The rice husk briquette machine can be used in the fields, which is very convenient for farmers.

With the help of our modern technology, we have set a target as an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of these Rice Husk Briquetting Machines. Rice husk is the best resource to make briquettes in an easy manner. We are making a most favorable quality rice husk briquetting machine within projected period.


Our company is eminently engaged to manufacture the efficient quality of bio fuel in India. Briquettes are a form of bio-fuel and are the impressive alternate the exclusive predictable fuels like coal, diesel, kerosene are scarcely available these days. Biomass briquettes form this special replacement, as they are equipped from reasonable as well as effortlessly and enormously easily reached bio-wastes wastes. These are environmental and tender the outstanding ignition due to their high fattening value, than their elements. These Briquetting also makes the greatest of the any agricultural scraps. Biomass material is to produce compact solid Composites of different sizes with the application of pressure. Briquetting of residues takes place with the application of pressure, heat and binding agent on the loose materials to produce the briquettes.

We are the most important producer of Briquetting plants for bio fuel that are completed from elevated quality essential materials in a extremely qualitative mode as per the our business rules. These machines are made-up as per the most recent skill and therefore have quite a few usage features. We offer them in diverse models that are varied as per their output capacity, other specifications as well as the size of the raw-material they take in and the output they produce. These machines are very reliable, user-friendly, robust, easy to maintain and very durable.

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